my last post…

Last Chance Colorado

I finally got a hosted site for blogging and as such, this ‘old’ blog is going to slowly fade away… My new blog is at www.riehler.com and if you are interested, please check it out.

This blog covered a lot of my experiences as an English teacher living in Jeonju South Korea. My new blog will continue covering some of my experiences, though I now live in the USA. I will also be focusing a lot more on teaching issues (mostly pertinent to teaching in the USA), and learning (specifically: beginners using PC’s and the internet).

Other than that, this will ne my last post to this blog…

So, farewell!

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the latest…

I know it’s been a while since I last posted to this blog, but it isn’t because it have given up on blogging (quite the contrary!), I am preparing to start up a ‘real’ blog in the next month or so… as a consequence, there are a few things worth mentioning.

  1. this little blog is already over a year old!
  2. (not that it would show…) this blog, and most of my blogging with be done with a NetBook from now on ( quite noticeable to me…).
  3. I will be posting a link to this new blog as soon as I have it up and running
  4. most important (for me and this blog) I will be on a sort of hiatus on this blog until I post the link to the new blog…

This means that, firstly, this blog is almost finished, and secondly, the picture at the head of this post is supposed to represent some moss (which I haven’t been gathering!).


So, I will be posting a link in less than a month!


see you then!

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Last night I got the chance to interact with one of my former teachers and classes through Skype. I was ‘beamed’ into the class of Ms. Geoun Lee’s 7th grade English class at the Morning Star Girl’s Middle School in Gimje South Korea. I was only ‘there’ for about 10 minutes, to answer the student’s questions about Halloween, and a flurry of Who, What, When, and Where questions.

Many children in South Korea go out on Halloween evening to trick or treat…. but most of these costumed candy grabbers don’t know much of the Halloween back story. I guess, that when you look at my interaction with the class I may have given my first public service announcement…

In the mean time, back here in Northern Minnesota, things don’t look too much like Halloween. There have been a number of snow flurries, and many of the trees still have their leaves (still!).

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Sooner than I expected…

It’s only October 10th…


This isn’t totally unexpected, but regardless of how much I love all the seasons, this first early snowfall does give pause.


Oh yeah… I made the change, along with a new theme to shake things up a bit (at least in my head…). Also, AND/OR seems to cover a bit more ground than the bipolar strangeness I experienced while I lived in Korea. I suppose I could go on and on but it would serve little other than to push any of my photos further down the page…


I guess I’ll have to write a “Why yes AND/OR no’ page now too…

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The blog is starting to change, I am living back in the USA, so the Korean perspectives will start to take on the voice (at least in this blog…) of an elder statesman (I think this might be a terrible mish-mash of metaphors…but I feel like going with it right now).

I am thinking of a lot about the state of education (here and abroad), and this blog may be a place to start  voicing my thoughts and concerns. As a start, I am wondering, just what is important to know, important to learn in this rapidly changing world? How important is technology in the classroom?

My time in Korea, as well as while I was in an education curriculum has led me to consider (as an operative hypothesis), are we still ‘fighting the last war’ with regard to what is being taught?

My best guess (this afternoon) is that it is (quite obviously)much more complex than that. But I am getting far ahead of my little story here…more to come…

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Since I started up my other site (Far-flung teachers over at Ning.com), the nature of this blog is going to start to change. The direct focus on life in Korea, and teaching there will be subsumed by the other site, and I am in the process of considering how to revamp this little blog (a not so subtle hint that comments are REALLY worthwhile!!).

Minimally I suppose I could just let this blog turn into one of those ‘personal’ blogs that are so full of meaningless blather (besides which, I’m on Facebook already…).

In any case, I certainly have plenty to think about … I should also take the time to mention that my former next door neighbor and fellow teacher back in Korea, Andrew is about to leave as soon as he finishes his contract there. This is my time and place to wish him well in his soon to take place travels in Asia. Good luck!

In the mean time, everyone else should feel free to give as much unsolicited advice as they wish (for this limited time offer!).

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